Our mission is to bring relatable exercise methods, through music & movement. We help beginners find their footing on their journey & elevate those who have been exercising for a while. Together with our community of dedicated instructors & clients, we‘re building a family of strong women & girls who live their life with Grace + Grit.


The Figure Studio was born out of love for Dance & Fitness by owner, Tish Singh. It all started as an idea to bring fun & exciting workouts to our community that hasn't seen anything like this, ever! As Tish navigated her own weight loss journey many years ago, the only enjoyable workouts were cardio dance classes. Once she saw fat loss through dedication to cardio workouts & eating well, she decided to add weight training to her routines.


Combining dance and weight training (both offered in different varieties at The Figure Studio) is the meaning behind Grace + Grit. It also reminds each client that we can be soft & strong at the same time!