Updated: Jul 31

If you’re at that point where you are ready to make some serious lifestyle changes but information overload has got you completely frozen, this blog post is for you!

"Where/how do I begin?"

That is one of the most asked questions when starting off. You might have heard that to meet your goals you must bring action to your intentions, but that isn’t entirely true. You must be informed before even getting to acting towards the goals you have.

The starting point of anything is the most difficult and also the scariest, but with the right motivational tips you can start off your fitness journey strong and continue that way.

Here are some tips that might help you out in knowing what to do:

Be committed to yourself

“Commitment is pushing yourself when no one is around”

First off, you need to make a commitment to yourself; If you’re not committed to the process then you’re unlikely to reach your fitness goal. Aside from reaching for your fitness goal, maybe losing a few pounds

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