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  • Do you offer a new client special?
    We do! Our NEW GIRL special is a week unlimited (7 consecutive days) of classes! This offer is only valid for new clients & can only be used once.
  • What class is recommended for beginners?
    All our classes are open level! We suggest speaking to the instructor before class if there are modifications you may need.
  • Do your classes require previous dance experience?
    No, you show up & we'll lead!
  • What do I wear to class?
    We recommend comfortable workout clothes & sneakers. If you are taking yoga, you will be required to take off your shoes before practice.
  • Do I need to bring anything with me?
    All equipment is included for class! Water is sold at the studio.
  • How is equipment cleaned?
    Each client is required to sanitize their equipment after class. We provide disinfectant spray & wipes.
  • Do I need to vaccinated?
    No, scroll down to read all Covid-related information.
  • Are masks required?
    Not required, but encouraged! Read all of our covid protocols here.
  • How old do you have to be to come to class?
    You must be 16 or older.



Figure Etiquette

  • Girl Gang: The Figure Studio is a safe and happy space for you and your fellow Figure Babes. No matter what happens in life outside of the study, come to class ready to work with a positive attitude!

  • Punctuality: Does running late count as exercise? Lol, we wish! When you're late, you sacrifice your warmup and other clients may need to shift out of their spots to make room for you. To ensure your safety and to show respect for Figure Babes, please arrive 5 minutes early for class. All classes will close after 5 minute grace period and you will not be allowed in.

  • Be Present:  We encourage you to unplug & connect with yourself while in class. Put your phone on silent and into your cubby while class is in session. Selfies are encouraged before & after class...snap away!

  • Let's Talk: Let your instructor know about any injuries, pregnancy, or sensitivities before class, this will help us modify movements for you. If you need to leave class early, as a courtesy, let your instructor know before class.

  • In Class Experience: Follow your instructor and refrain from doing your own thing. When given a break or after class, feel free to ask a question about a certain exercise or any technique you may be having trouble with.

On Time Arrival & Cancellation Policy

  • To show mutual respect for all figure babes, we follow a strict punctuality policy.  Clients are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes early for all classes. 

  • We will not allow you to enter the studio if you arrive 5 minutes after class has started.​

  • In order to cancel a class without incurring a fee, you must do so online or via our mobile app at least 1 hours before the scheduled class time.

  • If you cancel less than 1 hours before the class start time or "No Show" for a class, you will be automatically charged a $5 fee.

  • The same cancellation policy applies to the waitlist, so you must remove yourself from the waitlist at least 4 hours in advance if you can no longer make it to avoid being charged a late cancellation fee.

Covid-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Protocols

The Figure Studio has been keeping clients healthy by following safety measures and state, local and CDC mandated guidelines.

As of March 7th, 2022, as per New York City Covid-19 protocols, we will no longer require proof of vaccination to enter the studio.

In addition:

  • All participants in The Figure Studio's programs, all staff, and all visitors are encouraged to wear masks while on the premises though not required.

  • Hand sanitizer is available for all to use as needed. 

  • Frequently touched surfaces are wiped down at regular intervals.

  • Upgrades have been completed for the whole building to increase outside fresh air intake, and the building has install MERV-13 compliant filters, said to be best practice for COVID minimization.

  • While capacity restrictions have been lifted for vaccinated and unvaccinated people, class sizes continue to be limited for the time being (number of dancers varies by class).

  • We ask that all students/families/staff who have any form of illness continue to take these symptoms very seriously. Clients should remain home if they are unwell.

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